BENU Euphoria FP/RB "Cocktail" Pens

  • $157.00

2 New Coctail Series-Blue Hawaiian and Bloody Mary! (Pre-Order Now!) These 2 pens are scheduled for July Delivery!

Speical Order section for these and "Vodka" and "Bourbon" Pens @BENUpen! (Both of these pens are in stock for immediate delivery)

Right in the middle of the hot summer season, BENU launches two cocktail-themed pens—the Bloody Mary and the Blue Hawaiian. Crafted to evoke the essence of these popular drinks, each pen is designed with a unique color scheme reflecting its namesake cocktail. The Bloody Mary pen is rendered in a vibrant tomato-red hue, enhanced with subtle green sparkles to mirror the traditional celery stick often garnished with the drink. Meanwhile, the Blue Hawaiian pen captures the tropical spirit of its ingredients with a color palette that mirrors the blue of Curacao liqueur mixed with the creamy white of coconut cream and the sunny yellow of pineapple juice.

Available as a FP (F-M-B #6 Nibs) or RB Pen!

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