Tomoe River Notebooks (A5/A7) - Premium Paper/Notebooks/etc... from vendor-unknown - Just $10! Shop now at Federalist Pens and Paper

Tomoe River Notebooks (A5/A7)

  • $24.00

I have secured more books/new sizes with another US Vendor! This is the original 52gsm Sakae TP in the official "Tomoe River" Bound Journals! Frank

* Super lightweight at 52Gsm - half the thickness of copy paper

* Fountain pen and ink pen friendly, High quality paper/ resistant to bleeding through
and feathering

* A5/A7 white color dot/grid paper, 160 pages (80 Sheets)

* Soft cover 5mm dot(A5/A7) or grid(A5) notebooks with Premium Grade paper! A7 is perfect for "Pocket Size" (3x4in)!

* Manufactured and imported from Japan


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