Our latest Pen Product from India! Pens made from pure copper and/or copper trim! German Schmidt nibs and materials that will patina over time in your hands! (Frank) 


They say, “turn your passion into profession and you will never get bored of it again.” STEX is born from the love of pens and a combined experience of over 22 years in the copper industry. 

“STEX” is an abbreviation that was taken from their parent company’s name, STAR EXIM.

Nandish & Jigna Shah, the husband-wife duo has brought forth India’s first pure copper pens. Mr. Nandish, the director of a copper based company & Mrs. Jigna, the director – finance at the same company fit together like two jigsaw pieces, forming a potent team. The idea of copper pens burst through all of his limits when he was trying to investigate the restrictions of a new machine and gave the writing business a fresh perspective.