(New!) Bock Nibs! Custom Ground (by Nibgrinder!)

  • $60.00

Nibs that are custom ground for us by Mark Bacas (aka “Nibgrinder”)! Choose Italic Stub (Med/Broad), Cursive Stub Italic (CSI- Med/Broad) Nibs! Nibs come with Card/Sticker from "Nibgrinder"! Fude style nibs now available! 

Pics shows Bock Stamped "Stag" Nib, Fed Pens own Bock Nibs, and a JOWO Nib in steel. Current stock is listed above! Check in often for new stock from Mark (Nibgrinder)!

Nibs in Stainless, Gold plated Finishes! #6 Nibs will fit many Brands! Very unique and stunning Upcharge for Gold Plating and/or CSI and Fude Grind...


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