(New!) Edelstein Golden Lapis IOTY Ink Samples!

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Edelstein® Ink Collection
Ink of the Year 2024 – Golden Lapis

4ml Ink sample vials! Order Now!

An enchanting color combination of a vibrant blue tone
refined with a golden shimmer.
The Golden Lapis gemstone was once considered a jewel
for kings and was associated with strength, wisdom and
protection from negative influences. To this day, golden lapis
is also a symbol of inner peace and emotional balance.
This balance of a powerful and calming color effect gives
the handwriting a special expressiveness.
The golden shimmering elements in the ink flow randomly,
giving the writing ever-changing expressions of color.
Powerful arguments to inspire your customers with
the new Edelstein® Ink of the year 2024!
The Edelstein® Ink of the Year 2024 - for a limited time!

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