Anderillium Inks (Made in USA)

Proudly Made in the US! Available in 1.5oz Bottles or 4ml Samples! 


Writing with a fountain pen takes a little bit more time and effort than writing with a disposable pen. A fountain pen is an artifact, whereas a disposable pen is a commodity. Your pen is the tool that you use to make your words and thoughts permanent, and that process deserves more than a disposable piece of plastic. Imagine if a carpenter threw away their hammer, or a sculptor threw away their chisel halfway through a project. A pen doesn’t need to be expensive or fancy, but it should be a tool that’s worthwhile to use.


A lot of us fountain pen users have multiple pens and multiple ink colors. It’s a drab world where words are only written in black ink. When I was a teacher, I had a special pen with a special color just for grading papers! My students couldn’t mistake my marks for any other teachers because of the bright color, and the little ritual of taking out my special grading pen always primed my mindset to reading student papers. Whether you have a special pen for writing letters to your sweetheart, jotting notes in class, or keeping your bullet journal, a special color to go along with it makes your routine a bit more fun and a bit more you.


We try to minimize plastic in our products and our packaging. There’s too much of it floating around in the oceans already. In an effort to reduce waste, we’ve incorporated a procedure to re-use packing material from our own suppliers. If you get a box from us that has plastic or Styrofoam packaging materials in it, that material was in a box that was shipped to us at some point and we thought it was better to re-use it than to throw it away.

Our inks are made without any animal products at all, including our label and box adhesives. Our inks are water based and are made only with chemicals that are safe for the environment. We know these things don’t matter to everyone, and the impact of writing with a non-disposable pen is a relatively small one, but it’s a step in the right direction and we feel good about that.