Edelstein Ink Samples (3ml)

  • $4.00

3ml sample vial of your favorite Edelstein Ink- Order Now!The Edelstein Ink Collection comprises twelve brilliant colors with a special ingredient that ensures extra smooth writing and care for the fountain pen.The German word Edelstein translates as gem stone, and each color corresponds to the beautiful coloring of a gem.Please note our always changing Ink of the Year, which brings a fresh and modern Edelstein Ink color to you – limited to one year only. Aquamarine is the 2016 "Ink of the Year"Smoky Quartz is the 2017 "Ink of the Year"Contact us at sales@federalistpensonline.com to inquire about Edelstein Inks not listed above. Note that some colors are no longer available (e.g. All Prior year "Ink(s) of The Year").

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