"Read Cursive Fast" by Kate Gladstone

  • $19.99

“Read Cursive Fast  is well laid out, comprehensive, and fun to use! Kate has subtly made people look at their handwriting by showing them how to read cursive!”

          — Frank Limper (Federalist Pens)

(Published at https://readcursivefast.com/book/testimonials/)

I wrote this testimonial for Kate last year, after getting an advance copy of her latest book. I am very pleased to offer this book to The Pen Community. It is more than showing you (loved ones, etc..) how to read cursive; it actually helps you improve your handwriting! As an educator, and pen pal, I highly recommend this book! 

I have known Kate Gladstone for many years. She is a frequent contributor to pen forums, and has written similar books in the past. She lives in NY- and has attended The Long Island Pen Show in past years. You can purchase the book here at the publishers price- Frank

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Another Great Review Here: https://www.dyslexiakit.net/read-cursive-fast-a-dtk-book-review/

Second Edition Now Available!

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