Pelikan M200 Orange Delight FP Collection!

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SPECIAL EDITION Classic 200 Orange Delight

Arriving March 1st!!

Give your writing a feeling of cozy warmth with the new Special Edition Classic M200 Orange Delight. This series does not completely „reveal“ its innermost being, but still shows a part of it. All of the highly polished resin parts are orange, but the transparency of the barrel allows you to see the inner parts and the ink level. If desired, the cap can be posted on the back of the filling knob. This is recommended if you prefer to write with a large fountain pen. The orange background of the golden Pelikan logo on top of the cap rounds off the impression of this intense color. The gold-plated rings and the Pelikan beak clip underline the showy orange fountain pen. This series is only available as fountain pen with piston mechanism and is offered with 4 different nib widths so that you can choose between extra fine, fine, medium, and broad gold-plated stainless steel nibs.

Available for a limited time!

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