(New!) Kaweco Piston-Fill Sport Pen!

  • $175.00

The Kaweco Sport piston fountain pen is available as a starter set for ready-to-use use with a 32ml ink bottle in the color royal blue or as a pure writing instrument without additional ink.

The history of Kaweco goes back to 1883. Over time there have been many different systems for filling a fountain pen. While ink cartridges are the most popular these days, the piston mechanism can be used to draw the ink directly from the glass into the integrated ink chamber of the fountain pen. This makes ink cartridges obsolete.

We have "Starter Sets" ready to order at Fed Pens! Next batch will be pen only (still in Collector Tins!)!

Editorial scene with Kaweco PISTON FILLER HOLDER AL SPORT

Watch the Video from Kaweco Here:


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