Visconti Pentagon FP Collection

  • $320.00
  • Save $75

Visconti succeeds in using centuries-old design principles, like the ones used in Greek and Roman architecture and furniture design, to create an eye-catching pen. The collection’s pentagonal design and proportions reference Fibonacci’s sequence and the Golden Ratio creating a striking pen that is equally pleasing to write with.  These elements of design merge, similarly to the design of the Visconti Divina, in an alchemy of shapes and proportions in a pen that can be defined as elegant, powerful, and timeless. The Pentagon’s sleek planes and sharp details allow the pen to balance on the surface it is laid upon keeping it from rolling with or without the cap on. With Visconti’s attention to detail, the Pentagon’s clip accents the static form of the pen with its fluid design, and the My Pen System is accentuated by the same pentagonal shape the pen is formed in.

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