(New!) Conklin (All-American) Courage Fountain BP Pens Collection

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The Conklin Courage™ collection consists of six distinctive fountain and ballpoint pens in red, white and black resins. A unique middle ring adorns a color-filled engraving of a heartbeat. The newly designed clip features the very famous rod of Asclepius. This symbol of Hippocrates’ oath is plated in three finishes of rosegold, gunmetal and chrome. All fountain pens are equipped with our excellent stainless steel JoWo nibs in extra fine, fine, medium, broad and stub widths. And to top it all, the Conklin Courage™ Collection is sold in a specially designed deluxe luxury gift box. A customized ink bottle will be included with each fountain pen and every purchase will include a commemorative lapel pin in the shape of the Hippocrates' oath. Wear it with pride and display your gratitude to our courageous front line responders!

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