Pineider Great Beauty RB Collection

  • $440.00
  • Save $108

The Great Beauty Pen collection is one of the latest models from Italian pen maker Pineider. Available in two colors, takes standard RB refills!


"My brother and I first met Dante (Del Vecchio) at the Philadelphia Pen Show about 10 years ago. He is a colorful, and great personality- not to mention a great pen maker! Dante would come to Philly several years in a row to promote his pens/products. Dante is a fan of racing, and we were able to "click" right away- talking about pens, racing, race tracks, etc.. (Dante is a professional Bike Racer- MOTO GP "Gentleman Racer"!) I was very pleased to learn that Dante has joined with Pineider to continue his passion for designing writing instruments. If you like his "other" company, you will find these pens just as enjoyable!" Frank- Federalist Pens

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