Esterbrook MV Nib Adapter! (W/Vintage Nibs Option)

  • $65.00

Esterbook began manufacturing nibs in the US in the mid 1800s, but the 1930s were a period of importance, as they introduced their first interchangeable nib systemin 1933. The interchangeable nibs gave the user many options for writing, whether in school, business, personal etc. Today, a similar system is reborn with the Estie and the specially engineered MV Nib Adaptor. The MV adaptor delivers a vintage nib experience specifically designed for the modern shape Esterbrook pen.

Adapter "Kit" comes in a cloth pouch with converter for modern filling!

Nibs listed below are currently available- Nibs are N.O.S. in their original cardboard box. My nibs are sourced from local sources/antique shops. We are in Esterbrook "Country" here in South Jersey! Many people have items in their attic, or have consigned it in antique shops! (My shipping address is on Springdale Road- only a couple miles south of Esterbook Drive/Springdale Road- location of former Cherry Hill factory) Frank/Federalist Pens

9xxx Nibs are the upgrade (Green Box) Master Durachrome Nibs (Iridium-Tipped). Random choice by availability on this selection! (tough I generally tend to buy 9450,9555,9460,9461 Nibs)

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