Marlen Aleph FP Collection

  • $295.00

Aleph CollectionFrom the collaboration of Marlen and, there is the creation of Aleph, a Flat Top pen with piston filler and a nib in fine harmonic steel. Aleph represents the reaching of an important landmark for the firm Marlen producing a pen specifically for the ones fascinating from this wonderful writing instrument. A unique pen that wants to be the main focus for all the enthusiastic fountain pens’ passionate. The body of the pen is made of mother-of-pearl resin in lava grey or black refined with a full stainless steel barrel fully inspired to the old flat tops, without any kind of ornaments (rings and more) to divide the line. The pen is 143 mm of length; 111 mm for the body and 62 mm for the cap. The total weight is 30,9 grams (complete and refilled) of which 10,4 grams for the cap and 20,5 for the body. These characteristics lead to a balance allowing the pen to fit perfectly with the hand cavity. The filler system used is a piston filler one, in which the barrel end has as main aim the protection of the mechanism from accidental or clunky actions. The harmonic steel used for the nib guarantees a good flow for controlled flexion of 1,00 – 1,50 mm. To limit the necessary strength for the flexion of the nib, the pen presents two lateral cuts to accomplish a functional task without the overshadow of the aesthetic component.

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