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Epitome Bespoke Fountain Pen

  • $75.00
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Epitome Bespoke Fountain Pen

The Epitome Bespoke is the culmination of comfort and state of the art materials for an amazing fountain pen experience! With a high polished acrylic available in two varieties of swirls and crushed iced, Bespoke is a class of its own! A solid writer, it comes equipped with our classic Epitome embossed Kanwrite nibs, which are JoWo threaded for you also use the German JoWo nibs! The ergonomically designed semi - hooded grip section will surely add value to your collection and happiness with each stroke you write. Following our ideology, the pen is balanced both with the cap or without due its weight.

Each Epitome Bespoke pen is packaged in an elegant Epitome gift box with quality- check papers for the pen.

We invite you to the world of Bespoke, a true gem and one of our bests from Epitome!

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