Stalwart Collection

Bexley Stalwart FPs

  • $139.99
  • Save $20

A pen’s name says something about the pen. A fancy name says the pen is fancy. Fancy serves a purpose, for the external, but does it contribute to the writing qualities of the pen? We, at Bexley, don’t think so. That’s why we’ve named our newest pen Stalwart. It’s a solid name, a name that says this is a good pen that you can count on, year in and year out.Quality of materials and workmanship have been the hallmark of the Bexley Pen Company for more than 20 years.Choose a pen you can count on; Choose a Stalwart in your favorite color.Chinese RedJet BlackOxbloodRegal BlueBexley Pens include a Lifetime warranty. The Stalwart collection offers the Bexley steel nib in Broad, Medium and Fine. It fills using a convenient cartridge.

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