(Special!) BENU 2019 LE  Hexagon Fountain Pen! (479/500)!

(Special!) BENU 2019 LE Hexagon Fountain Pen! (479/500)!

  • $100.00

Last One! #479/500 Medium Point Holiday ED FP.

(DM Me About changing the Point to either Fine Or Broad! Will Swap after purchase!)

Signed off by Alex Semanin- Creative Director/Co-Founder of BENU Pens

The Chameleon collection features pens like you have never seen before. The unique, three-sided shape fuses graceful elegance with unorthodox boldness. The incredible chameleon-like material allows colors to change depending on the angle from which you are looking at the pens. This sophisticated design and exquisite finish bring a new luxury to the art of writing with BENU’s Chameleon collection.

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