Aurora Dou Cart RB Pens

  • $175.00

Aurora Duo Cart Pen Series

From the 50’s ‘back to the myth of the “DUO CART”, is famous for being the first pen with the dual cartridge and the hooded nib. The Streamlining has characterized the design of that era, so the Aurora Design Department, reinterpreting the style of that period, designed a fountain pen with the typical 50’s tapered shape design.

Elegant package in black leatherette, with cream interior in cream leatherette.Duo Cart is supplied together with a packaging, a customized ink, a converter, two cartriges and a certificate of authenticity. Outside a vintage illustration.

Fountain pen with gold or chrome steel hooded nib. Gold or chrome plated cap, barrel in blue, light blue or light green resin and gold or chrome trims. Medium nib only. They are now available in a Rollerball version as well.

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