Taccia Tanto Wajima (輪島塗り) Urushi LE Collection

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Tanto Wajima (輪島塗り) Urushi LE CollectionTanto Wajima (輪島塗り) Urushi LE Featuring the World Famous Wajima (輪島塗) Urushi; a Classic Masterpiece! “Tanto” is a traditional Japanese short sword used by samurai as a self-defense, close-combat weapon. As Japanese swords evolved, the tanto grew to become a charm for protection against evil and misfortune.This time-honored Taccia Tanto Wajima(輪島塗り) Urushi LE fountain pen pays homage to the Wajima region of Japan. World renowned for its unique Urushi and Maki-e techniques that date back to the 14 Century, Wajima Urushi utilizes a special layer of cloth to the urushi lacquer, which strengthens the barrel. Each Tanto Wajima(輪島塗り) Urushi LE pen barrel is beautifully handcrafted and hand-buffed by a top artisan from Wajima. The barrel design – an artistic balance between crimson and black – calls forth a peace and calm, reflective of the culture and geography of Wajima.Tanto Wajima(輪島塗り) Urushi LE pens feature an ultra-unique metal neck sleeve – that can be easily screwed on to each barrel grip section-designed as an add-on part for the optional use and desired comfort level of each writer. This collection is limited to 25 pieces worldwide, features a 14K gold Japanese nib and is delivered with a pen stand.

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