Pineider Traveling Inkwell/Snorkel

  • $20.00
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Both Here- from the creative mind of Dante Del Vecchio!

His latest version of the Traveling Inkwell/Pot is in all plastic! Very easy to carry, manage, and use! A blue rubber membrane allows you to "screw" your pen front barrel/section into the well- invert it to fill, and then invert back to release! Ink well bottle comes with indicators for minimum/maximum ink levels! Very easy to use, with little to no cleanup!

The Pineider Snorkel is a stainless steel extension with an adapter nozzle for the converters most commonly found on the market. One side is designed in a number of different diameters so that it can easily adapt to the different diameters of converters made by best-known manufacturers; The tube comprising the snorkel has a very small hole in order to minimize the amount of ink that is inevitably going to remain unused inside it. The snorkel allows you to use up the ink in the inwell right down to the last drop. "Good for most FP Converters- very effective for Pilot, Sailor, and Platinum Converters"- Frank(Federalist Pens)

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