Laban Urushi FP Collection

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Lower Price for 2017! Was $1399- Now $999.99 US List! Buy at 20% Off!靜觀秋色(GOLDEN AGE)The debut of Laban URUSHI. An ode to the meticulous and impeccable lacquer work of fountain pens. With successive coats of Urushi lacquer and layers of gold leaves, the GOLDEN AGE radiates sophisticated beauty and refined depths. Hand-finished by skilled Urushi artists and with materials of the highest quality, the attention to even the smallest details results in a masterpiece of fine writing instrument.藏峰(Summit)One of the rarest scenes you have to treasure in possession.With the conscientious craft techniques passed down from the series of Laban Lacquer Art, the pen body is hand-applied coats of precious lacquer, and then numerous contours are invented in the special-made solvent. Inspired by the immense rock-soil earth, master lacquerers with superb craftsmanship dedicate themselves to create a mysterious landscape. Colors of rosy clouds before sunset, shapes of rolling mountain ranges, it is truly a masterpiece of comprehensive atlas is all in your hand.Details: Ebonite Multi-layered Urushi lacquer artwork, 18-carat gold nib, encased in wood boxCartridge/Converter Fill

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