Giuliano Mazzuoli Nobile Italia Pen Kit

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NOBILE ITALIAUMBERTO NOBILE (Lauro, Avellino 1885 - Rome 1978) was one of the key figures in the history of flight. A General in the Italian Royal Air Force, Nobile designed air ships all over the world, but he is mostly known for having fl own across the North Pole twice. The first time was in 1926 at the request of Norway with the air ship NORGE, which he designed and commanded. The second time was in 1928 on an entirely Italian expedition aboard the air ship ITALIA. This last expedition ended dramatically when the ITALIA crashed into the ice due to adverse meteorological conditions, and the survivors were rescued after forty-eight days spent in the legendary “Red Tent.” The event and the subsequent fiery controversy tarnished Nobile’s fame, and after being accused by the fascist regime he decided to voluntarily go into exile and move to the Soviet Union where he worked for five years building air ships. At the end of 1936 he decided to go back to Italy, but due to political and personal difficulties he decided to leave again after accepting an offer to work in the United States. After the fall of Fascism in Italy in July of 1943, he moved back to Italy definitively and from 1946 to 1948 was an independent representative in the Constituent Assembly of Italy. His role in history and his accomplishments have been re-evaluated over the years and Nobile has been recognized for what he really was: a genius engineer, an able aviator, and an untiring explorer. Talent, inventiveness, and passion were the key personality traits of Nobile; this combined with the fact that this extraordinary individual was from the Italian hinterland moved Giuliano Mazzuoli to create a pen in his honor. The NOBILE ITALIA commemorates this Italian genius through a synthesis of contemporary creativity and the high quality of the materials used. The exclusive shape, inspired by the air ship ITALIA, makes this writing instrument more pleasant and functional to use. The NOBILE ITALIA is born from the talent of Italian craftsmen. It is an original product with a modern design whose inspiration comes from a glorious past. The care taken in the details and the selection of the materials make the NOBILE ITALIA a collector’s pen, but the pleasure of the feel of its form (when taking it out from a bag or the pocket of a jacket), grip, and decisive writing stroke, makes it unforgivable to not use it every day.The “Nobile Italia” pen is available in 4 colors. In addition to the pen with ballpoint “Easy Flow” refill, the packaging contains: 0.7 mm pencil, 3 colored ballpoint refills, and a pencil eraser.

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