Diamine "Sampler" FP Ink Cartridges!

Diamine "Sampler" FP Ink Cartridges!

  • $10.00

Box of 20-count standard Diamine Edition Inks! (4 cartridges/5 colors in each pack!)

Unique Sample packs allow you to try different colors!

Choose From-

-Floral: 4 each of- Passion Red, Woodland Green, Orange, Mediterranean Blue, and Turquoise

-Fiesta: 4 each of- Autumn Oak, Matador, Marine, Bilberry, and Ultra Green

-Elegance: 4 each of- Claret, Teal, Midnight, Oxblood, and Saddle Brown

-Prestige:  4 each of- Oxford Blue, Syrah, Sherwood Green, Grey, and Steel Blue

-Sovereign: 4 each of- Sapphire Blue, Ancient Copper, Chocolate Brown, Maroon, and Majestic Blue

-Regal: 4 each of- Royal Blue, Imperial Blue, Emerald, Monaco Red, and Imperial Purple

-Classic: 4 each of- Jet Black, Prussian Blue, Blue Black, Green Umber, and Warm Brown

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