(New!) Conklin All-American Rainbow Fountain Pens

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The Popular "All-American" Model- now in a metal pen with the "Rainbow" Finish. Plus- matching iridescent nibs!! A substantial, hefty pen you will love! Frank

Conklin is an ever-evolving brand, creating trends and new tiers of
style with every pen release, so be sure to standout and radiate with
our new one. Encompass the qualities of an atmospheric phenomena
with your new lucky pen. For the first time ever, The Conklin Pen
Company is proud to introduce the limited edition All American Model
in solid brass with rainbow PVD coating. Tasting the rainbow is one
thing, but writing with one is another. Look at how remarkable these
colors are, ranging from soft sky purple-blue gradients to an enamoring
ocean-teal coat blended with a glistening yellow. Rotating the pen in
light reflects its true unlimited essence out perfectly acting as a
rainbow doppelganger. As you write, you’ll take notice of our first ever
rainbow overlay nibs and clips as well, catching how they too reflect
PVD rainbow essences with every stroke you make. PVD (Physical
Vapor Deposition) is considered to be, by far, the most durable super
hard coating available today; so no scratches can rain on your parade.
This rare pen offers outstanding eye glimmering qualities of its
rainbow coat.

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