Ayush "Perfect Bound" Notebook/Journals!

  • $10.00

Notebook for fountain pen ("Your Fountain Pen will Love This Paper")

Have you ever bought a book and within no time some pages are missing. It is not that you are careless. The latter depends on the notebook or, rather, the materials used to manufacture the book. If you have been looking for an excellent notebook that guarantees not only the value of your funds but also the safety of your notes, think of the esteemed notebook for fountain pen supplied by Ayush papers. 

Take a look at some of the features you need to check before making your orders.

  • The number of pages: The book has 50 pages, the aspect means that you will have at least 50 sides to jot down your important notes with an esteemed fountain pen.
  • Choice of patterns/statements!
  • Paper type: It has 100 GSM papers. Lined with Date space at top of page!
  • Line gap– the gap between the lines/Dots is 9mm hence allowing one to shape legible letters.
  • Category – Lined, bound journal/notebook

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